Movado SE ?!

Movado SE ?!

Movado is a Swiss luxury watch company whose name is Esperanto for “movement". Movado was founded in 1881 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland by Achilles Ditesheim.

The company is most renowned for its Museum watches that feature a black clock face with a single gold point at twelve o’clock. (以黑色時鐘表盤為特色的手錶, 與一個在 12 點鐘位置的金點)

This is the minimalist look made famous for Movado by American designer Nathan George Horwitt in1947. Horwitt intended his design to be evocative of a sun dial, with the dot representing the sun at high noon. (小點代表在正午太陽)
This most recognizable look of a Movado is a simple hour and minute hand, with a solid background and a single depressed circle on the 12:00 mark.
The Museum Dial, Movado’s signature design, has no markings on for minutes or hours (although some of Movado’s other designs now do). Many refer to this design as the “boss’s watch" because the boss doesn’t have to be on time (hence the vague display of time). 許多引用這種設計作為「上司的手錶」,因為上司不必須是準時 (因此隱晦的顯示時間)。
In addition to its design, Movado watches tend to be regarded for being light weight. Most Movado styles include the use of sapphire crystal, which is highly scratch resistant and thus used by most watchmaking companies.
The company supported the construction of a public clock which was designed by the architect of the name Philip Johnson, located outside Lincoln Center in New York City. In 2006, Movado celebrated its 125th year of watchmaking. With its watches set in museum collections around the world, the Movado Company has made its mark of success on the world. Its frequent publicity in famous magazines and other publications furthers this success.
Currently, Movado watches utilize both quartz and automatic movements in their timepieces. The Movado Group, Inc. also markets other watch brands: Concord, Ebel, ESQ Swiss, Coach Watches, Hugo Boss Watches, Tommy Hilfiger, Juicy Couture, Lacoste Watches and RALCO.



趁這次出差假日到 Tiger Door Yellow River 瞎拼魔 亂晃 :

一眼就看上這顆手錶 ……

設計風格想想也跟我現在戴了近十年的 casio 真像 …… 那時候去日本看電子展時順便買的。錶面都是刮痕, 塑膠件電鍍層也退掉大半, 充滿歷史的印記。

整顆 Movado 的質感, 不說實在很難相信這是山寨版的 (市價 1/30) …… 早期夜市地攤貨那種廉價感完全不復見 ! 比較起來, 似乎上面這顆日本製、日本販售的 casio 更像山寨錶。
對於這個陌生的品牌, 一回飯店趕緊上網找資料。說真的, 查到上面那些資料實在有點 “快樂"  …… 不過, 進一步想查型號、市價等等, 就完全沒輒了 ……

SE 哪有這款啊 !!! 還 Sports Edition 勒 !!!

雖然跟 Series 800 很像, 可是又不一樣 !!! 難以想像怎麼會有這麼厲害的東西 (會不會是 model A + model B = model No Idea) ……

當然, 有這麼厲害的東西, 一定也要橋一顆 Bu-Ling Bu-Ling 的 Chanel 回去慰勞一下老婆大人囉 ……


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2 Responses to Movado SE ?!

  1. Nikkor 說道:

    其實, 仿製錶的歷史悠久, 以前多半只仿冒勞力士這類高價位手錶, 沒想到現在連中低價位的 Movado 也仿 … 哈哈 ! 某沒屋頂的拍賣網站也有喔 !

  2. CT Luh 說道:

    那天不只我同事每個人都買好幾顆, 韓國團、歐洲團, 把那個小小的店面塞得滿滿滿 … 被你一說, Movado 好像沒啥行情了, 哈 ~ 下次有機會再找顆號稱數十萬的錶來玩一下 ~


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