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Raleigh 這牌子 http://www.raleigh.nl/default.asp?pid=763

荷蘭文看不懂對不對, 反正知道這牌子從十九世紀開始的, 超過一百年了 … 跟小折的頂級品牌 Alex Moulton 也有合作關係過 ~ http://www.raleigh.jp/History/1965.htm

RALEIGH Ti-TEAM 1980年贏得環法賽冠軍,1982年世界杯冠軍 … 知道這隻歐洲紅螞蟻很厲害就夠了, 哈哈 ~

聽說, 英國來禮的頭標是用釘上去的,美利達的來禮是粘上去的…

不過, 那個鳥 logo 似乎也有好幾種版本, 美利達的來禮 logo 底下英文是單行 THE RALEIGH,

英國來禮 logo 是兩行的 Raleigh + NOTTINGHAM ENGLAND,

最近英國的 logo 是兩行的 Raleigh + NOTTINGHAM,

然後英國、美國、荷蘭、加拿大、德國、日本網站上的企業識別 logo 全部都長的不一樣, 有的是兩行的 Raleigh + BIKES… 難怪在 2002 年左右, 最後一個工廠也收掉了 …

Last bicycles come off Raleigh line.

29 November 2002, Birmingham Post (c) 2002 Birmingham Post & Mail Ltd
Bicycle maker Raleigh was yesterday closing down its production line in Nottingham bringing to a end more than 100 years of history in the city.
The firm, which created classic models like the Chopper and the Grifter, will switch assembly to the Far East, with the loss of about 280 jobs.
Phillip Darnton, chairman of Raleigh UK, said: ‘The average length of service here is around 21 years and the average age of workers is 52 or 53. For most people it has been their working life.
‘We’ve tried to explain our position and people understand that the decision is to do with worldwide economics, but everyone is nostalgic.’
Bicycles have been assembled by the factory in Nottingham for 117 years and for 50 years at the current site in Triumph Road.
The firm announced plans to switch construction work to factories in Vietnam, Thailand and Sri Lanka in March in a drive to cut costs, but the company will retain distribution and design centres in Nottingham.


1980 年英國百年老牌來禮來台找代工廠, 代工廠後來自創品牌就是美利達



後來林正義與合資夥伴理念不合,憤而退股自行創辦太平洋自行車,在一九九五年發展出 Birdy ……

看一下幾張歷史廣告海報 :



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